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Award-winning screenwriter experienced in ghost writing, story editing and story development. Below you will find log lines of current and previous projects. For more information on rates and availability email


Half Hour Comedy 

When Tawnie, a Caymanian plus size women fed up with her love connections in LA getting lost in translation, drunkenly places a blunt, racy personal ad that gets over 500 replies she decides to date those who responded in hopes of finding her true sexual match.


Feature Dramedy 

After losing custody of her foster daughter, Zara returns to work as a special needs teacher to find that Ali, a non-verbal 9-year old student is hellbent on escaping school. 


One Hour YA Drama 

After attempting suicide, shy, insecure and bullied Constance is transferred to a boarding school for her senior year of high school. She discovers a voice she never knew she had after falling in with a group of misfit slam poets. 

Writing: CV
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