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Ode to Pines

We landed in Miami half an hour early, flew threw immigration and customs at light speed. TSA didn’t even look at my passport - thanks government shut down??

Side note; Megan wouldn’t sit next to me on the plane, I tried not to feel a way because I knew she’d be next to me for 45+ hours on the road, but still...

After s quick Uber ride, we had collected Beep Beep the Jeep and took her to get a quick service. She was given the all clear by the (qualified?) gentlemen at Jiffy Lube (thanks groupon!)

After a quick McDonalds breakfast trial run (Megan had never tried it before) we headed back to the apartment to finish packing up my stuff.

I returned home to Andrew, Jordan and Nico, full house

At this point I had 4 large sized duffel bags packed with 2 drawers, half a closet and a mini library of books to finesse into the 3 remaining bags I had.

Not going to lie, there was screaming, and yelling and at least 5 “Megan GET OUT”s that were said during the packing process.

Honestly: at 5pm I realized I was I unshowered, my hair unwashed and I was. going to be un-on time for my goodbye happy hour in Fort Lauderdale at 6:30 if I didn’t move fast. My packing ended in me saying “f it” and throwing everything in all remaining duffle bags I had left and piling it into the living room - only to realize I had not picked out an outfit for happy hour.

So we got to happy hour at 7:45pm.

We missed the happy hour. But thankfully, the bar, YOLO had a Ladoes Noght - ladies drink free special.

The night was filled with laughter, tears, and me exposing my talent for telling people what hogwarts house they belong to.

As I looked around the table full of some of the women that I had grown so close with in the past year, I realized that my time in South Florida had brought me closer to my friends and family in ways I never anticipated.

I returned home to the Pines house for the final night of officially living there my heart full with the knowledge that South Florida will always hold a special place en mi corazón.

Overview (TL:DR)

miles traveled: 600ish Megan memo: she proudly declared that we will only eat McDonald breakfast from now on Final thoughts: “I was a teacher! A whole entire “students sit down” teacher. Who let me work with children? Hours in car 2ish

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